Protect Our Geese: Bloomberg Blitz Monday

The GREAT Letitia James speaking passionately at the March 26 rally to protect wildlife in Prospect Park

here is what Friends of Animals has organized.  An on-line demonstration to protect Prospect Park’s wildlife.

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Hands Around the Lake: Highlights

Senator Eric Adams (left) listened as Orlando spoke…
Orlando reminded us that geese don’t produce carbon gas, they don’t need GPS to navigate and Mayor Bloomberg should use the money he is using to kill geese on things we need like better schools and hospitals.  We cheered.  

A reporter from the Daily News asked me why I care about these birds. How can he NOT care.

interested parties

Thanks to Edita Birnkrant from Friends of Animals…

Edita Birnkrant -- from Friends of Animals

And an excellent round-up of today’s rally to protect our geese and wildlife from certain slaughter come this summer…

Sangu Iyer’s Round Up

Here is Brooklyn’s cable news channel 12’s report

Council Member Letitia James

Council Member Letitia James was elegant, eloquent and heart-felt.  Born in Park Slope at Methodist Hospital and home-grown Brooklyn, Letitia gave the best sermon on the magical healing power of nature than I’ve witnesses in years.  She was divine.

Last – but certainly not least – Mary Beth Artz — whose vision was fulfilled in the staging of a loving, peaceful show of support for our wildlife….

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Hands Around the Lake – Big Success!!

Hands around the Lake * Protect Canada Geese and Wildlife at Prospect Park and NYC

Saturday, March 26th, 12:30 p.m.

We will gather by the lakeside near Vanderbilt and Prospect Park Southwest and spread out from there on both sides. See map of location here.

The park has asked that we move to the grassy area just to the left of the joining of hands area (near Wellhouse Drive) where the speakers will be heard — as to not block pedestrian walks and the road.

Speaker List …
Senator Eric Adams
Letitia James, Council Member (Brooklyn)

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